Thursday, February 28, 2002

Well, the situation in Gujarat seemingly has worsened. It seems as if Hindu's are now singling out Muslim homes in reprisal for the burning of train compartments carrying Hindu activists returning from Ayodhya. The Indian government must make sure to keep this in check as this violence has the potential of acting as a truly destabilizing force in India. If the Hindu's start becoming overwhelmingly communal then first it will be the Muslims that feel even more separated from the majority of Indians. The Christians, Jains, Jews, Tribals, and Buddhists could be next. That is scary and sad because India is not just for Hindu's--it was founded on secular principles and must, i repreat MUST, stay that way. Below is a link to a New York Times story on todays events in Ahmedabad, the chief commercial city of Gujarat (but not its capital-the capital is Gandhinagar).

Crowds Rampage in Indian City After Train Attack


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