Monday, May 20, 2002

More Bollywood Fabulous

From Today's Washington Post, "Hooray for Bollywood," reviews a recent Bollywood show at Washington D.C.'s MCI Center. I think this story is significant primarily as part of the bigger picture that Bollywood is making in the U.S. and the West. For years Bollywood has been popular in the Middle East, former Soviet Union, and Africa, but finally people are taking notice of this phenomenon in the West. My guess is that post September 11 people are now becoming more global with respects to their knowledge base. Middle America now is able to discuss Gardez, Kunduz, and Ramallah without giving a dumfounded stare because world events have now become salient to American lives. Or maybe, the media is covering international issues to a greater extent.

"Many Americans might be unfamiliar with these musicals, but that's only because we are self-absorbed. Bollywood, which is centered in Bombay, is the biggest movie industry in the world, its annual output of films nearly double that of Hollywood."

I think Ms. Wartofsky sums it up in those words. The aftermath of September 11 has changed, for many Americans, the self absorption of our every day lives. And if this allows the world to enjoy the fantasy, imagination, and fun of Bollywood and other world cultures, then not only is cultural globalization good, but maybe, something good has emerged from the attacks.


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