Thursday, June 20, 2002

India-Pakistan Crisis and its effect on the Diaspora

What is very interesting about the South Asian Diaspora, or any diaspora that has strong ties with its homeland, is how homeland politics can effect relations. The Cuban-American diaspora is a great example of how Cuban politics can effect the community that reside mainly in Miami (or Cuba North as some say) . But, for South Asia, it is always an interesting issue, especially for the Western media, when tensions between India and Pakistan come to the brink. This past winter, when things were getting heated between India and Pakistan, the Washington Post did a story on the relations between Indians and Pakistanis in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Following up on this story, Washington Business Forward Magazine did a story on how tensions could effect the high tech sector comprised of so many South Asians. The article, which is well written, was researched back in February and March, and I guess as a result of the current rising of tensions, is now being printed. I think Josh Kurlantzick does a good job at laying out all the issues, although I am biased because Josh talked to me while doing research for the story. (Yeah, I had to do a little self promotion). I also like how he so fittingly mixes the game of Cricket into the mix.


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