Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Dr. Dre and Truth Hurts: Updated
It seems Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records are being sued by Saregama India (Ok this hapenned in July, but I just found it today, after doing some investigating) for copyright infringement. I have been wondering for some time if Dre actually got permission for the Lata track, especially since without it, the single "Addictive" by the artist Truth Hurts, would really not be anything special. Actually, I think the song would be pretty horrible.

The message below was found on Dr. Dre's website. I am glad they are giving full credit now to Lata and the film "Jyoti," but Dr. Dre's website has succumbed to one of my pet peeves. If you look at the text below, they call Lata a "Hindu" singer, and while she may follow the Hindu religion, she sings in the HINDI language. There is indeed a difference, as it is like saying so and so is a Roman Catholic singer, or a Muslim singer. I also have no idea how Dr. Dre thought he could get away with sampling from the Songstress of India without giving credit to her. There are too many desis in the world to even attempt to do such a thing.

" Dre being sued for copyright infringement Posted Monday, July 15, 2002 by AftermathMusic
Back in late May attorneys for Saregama India Limited filed a lawsuit against Dr Dre's label Aftermath Entertainment and it's parent label Interscope Records for copyright infringement, claiming that Dr Dre Illegally sampled pieces from a Indian movie soundtrack. The song sampled was "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai," by Hindu singer Lata Mangeshkar, from the movie "Jyoti." Dre's legal counsel said that they couldn't find the original copyright holders.

While I am glad that the Desi's will be getting a piece of the pie, I think it is kind of ironic that Indians are suing for copyright infringement.


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