Thursday, November 07, 2002

Biological Warfare

Here is an interesting article that I read this past Sunday in the New York Times about a Los Angeles based doctor posessing biological warfare agents at his home. His name, not Mohammed, Osama, or Ayman, but, Larry C. Ford. Was he a member of Al-Qaeda or any other Islamist group? no. Just your typical, run of the mill, White Supremacist and a really good reason why we shouldn't just figure in Islam and the like with terrorism. This man, a patron of the pro-Apartheid movement in South Africa had buried many of the biological agents in and around his house.

"Buried next to his swimming pool they found canisters containing machine guns and C-4 plastic explosives. In refrigerators at his home and office, next to the salad dressing and employee lunches, were 266 bottles and vials of pathogens — among them salmonella, cholera, botulism and typhoid. The deadly poison ricin was stored, with a blowgun and darts, in a plastic bag in the family room."


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