Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The Impending War in Iraq

I wonder if the concept of just war has ever come across the brain of our President. If it has, he must have blocked it out when he decided to issue to Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to either leave his country or face the wrath of an American attack. Could this be George W. Bush's manifestation of some bad childhood memory of perhaps being forced to leave the sandbox when the kindergarten bully wanted all the sand to himself? Nevertheless, I am reminded of media reports that were printed I think, six months ago that indicated that Saddam Hussein would not attack or harm anyone unless provoked, and now that he is indeed being provoked, is going to get dangerous. Then, I think even more, back to before September 11. Iraq was not even on the radar. Yeah the U.S. would bomb the country every now again to keep Hussein in check, but it was not a serious security threat, and has become since September 11 a hugely MANUFACTURED enemy. The President puports that he is attacking Dicatator Saddam in efforts to protect the American people. But now that this bellicose war-mongering is about to come to fruition, I am more scared than ever. I fear that the threat of the American people being harmed, by a terrorist attack on the homeland, by bio/chem weapons being used on our soldiers, and by businessmen taking advantage of a poor situation. I hope the President does know, and for that matter truly understand, that many Americans will hold him and his administration personally responsible for any terrorist attack that occurs as a result of this totally manufactured conflict. I am truly disappointed right now.

I am disappointed at the administration for doing this so haphazardly. I am disappointed that only yesterday has a democrat acted like a democrat and spoke out against speedy action in Iraq. And I am disappointed that Americans cannot rely on politicians to represent their constituents and instead act in manner that will get them reelected.


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