Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Gratuitous Self Promotion

Yeah, I had to do it, I don't like doing it, but well, it is my blog, so I will blog what I want to. If you are interested at all in the music of the British Asian Underground, the American Asian Massive, Asian Drum and Base, or anything that is close to being in this genre, you must check out the ethnotechno site. Not only does is it a really wicked online radio, but they also have online interviews and music reviews. Now this is where the self-promotion comes in. Two of my reviews can be found on this site, if you are so inclined to look for them. The first, is a review of Amar's Outside, the solo album from the singer on Talvin Singh's Anokha album. And the second is of the recently released, Rough Guide to the Asian Underground, a compilation of released and previously unreleased material from the British Asian Underground (including tracks by the Asian Dub Foundation, Joi, and Talvin Singh).


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