Monday, June 02, 2003

Interesting Story on Parminder Nagra

Here is a link to an interesting story on Bend it Like Beckham star (and soon to be ER star) Parminder Nagra from the New York Post and the potential for her to become the first Indian Idol. I know it sounds kind of weird, after all I think Mohandas Gandhi took that role, but Nagra certainly is representative of this new South Asian influence in Hollywood and also in American pop-culture.

Nagra realizes the breakthrough significance of her contract, given that actors of Indian heritage with regular small screen roles on American network and cable series - such as Ravi Kapoor's "Bug" on "Crossing Jordan" and the Hank Azaria-voiced Apu on "The Simpsons" - are still a relative rarity. "I'm aware it comes with its own bit of baggage to do with having that responsibility," she says. "But essentially for me it's an acting job, saying things through my work."


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