Friday, July 25, 2003

The Ever Evolving Asian Cool

Awesome and informative article in today's Guardian Unlimited not just describing the change that has arisen among diasporic South Asians, but going quite into depth about the change of perspective on being Asian and its evolution into this new Asian cool phenomenon. I often discuss the theme of it now finally being cool to be South Asian, but those not ever part of a minority group, in a country that at times can feel quite foreign, can not revel in how nice it feels to finally be, not just accepted but recognized as an integram part of our new country and its ever-evolving culture.

It isn't just that Panjabi MC is now on MTV, or that Bend it Like Beckham is in movie theatres everywhere, it is that these things signify a greater acceptance of South Asian. Important aspects of South Asian culture are now able to come to the forefront: Religions of South Asia can be discussed by Western youth without jokes being made about deities with numerous hands, or bowing to prayer five times a day. It is the acceptance of non-Western languages, non-Western food, non-Western culture, in Western popular culture that is exciting. Essentially, it is the acceptance of Asians, and Asian culture into American life, an acceptance that from my experience, did not exist 10 years ago, and for those of us that went to school during this transition period, it is in the words of Jassi's dad from Bend it Like Beckham, "truly brilliant!"

Anyway, it seems that I have gotten a bit off topic--if you are in the UK, check out the The Changing Faces exhibition sponsored by O2 mobile communication.


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