Saturday, October 04, 2003

The Globe and Mail

Shankar, Jones Object to Bollywood Film

This is an interesting story about developments on a pseudo Bollywood film being developed about the relationship between Ravi Shankar and his daughter Norah Jones. Dev Anand, who I thought was a pretty up-standing and reputable Bollywood actor, is recreating, in movie form, the real life drama of the relationship between Shankar and Jones.

According to the story in the
The Globe and Mail "The script for Anand's film, entitledSong of Life, echoes the story of Shankar and Jones, the stars: a world-renowned sitar composer and his long-lost daughter, an American jazz singer. The finale of the film has the daughter sweeping the Grammy's, and the two reuniting. The film will have only four songs, and the cast will comprise of actors from both India and the West.

So well the script doesn't seem all that original, and in fact seems like something that should be one for a movie on Lifetime...television for women, instead of the subject of a Bollywood film. Defintely made-for-tv material, and I think, done in poor tase.


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