Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Indian Wedding Feast, a Modern Marvel

The Indian Wedding Feast, a Modern Marvel

Here is a nice piece from the Washington Post's food section by Monica Bhide discussing the love that desis have for food, especially at weddings. I think there are a couple errors/omissions with this article, and my major complaint is that Bhide labels the wedding generically as a Hindu one. I think it would have been beneficial to the reader if she had qualified it more specifically as a North Indian, or Punjabi (if that was the case) wedding. I know Gujarati weddings (think luscious undhyu, poori, dhokla etc--.)differ greatly from what she has written, and I think that the average American reader, who sees all Indian food as Punjabi and all Hindu traditions monolithically may be misled by her piece.

Also Ms. Bhide writes, "Wedding invitations are often addressed to family, friends and even friends of friends. The hosts consider it an insult if you do not bring along a huge group to the wedding." I don't know how true this is.

Nevertheless, it is a nice article about HER Indian wedding feast experience, and I am glad that the Post ran the story.


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