Thursday, July 08, 2004

Pro-Cricket Comes to America

Surprisingly, a profesional cricket league has been formed in the U.S. featuring eight teams based in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Texas. The DC team name is "DC FORWARD."

To make the games crowd friendly, and I assume to lessen the stigma that Cricket is longwinded and stuffy, league matches will be shorter and consist of 20-overs a side matches and each side can include up to five overseas players. For those that don't know one over consists of six pitches. Instead of limiting each inning to 3 outs, in cricket, the entire team is slated to bat, either until all ten are taken out, or until all 20 overs are bowled (pitched). For further reference and bollywood entertainment, see Amir Khan's Lagaan.

The organisers claim have a number of international players signed up for the league including one Ajay Jadeja, the once super-promising Indian cricketer and actor in the making who was taken down due to the match throwing scandal.

Anyway, check out the site, and if you are into cricket go out and support your team. If you are not into cricket, well go out to the park and learn about it. Maybe there will be some good samosas and Vadilal ice cream.


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