Monday, August 16, 2004

Bombay Dreams for the RNC

Even though many have speculated that the Bollywood-influenced Braodway show Bombay Dreams is standing on its last legs, Republican National Convention delegates will at least have an opportunity to check out the Desi marvel.

Apparently eight Broadway shows have been approved for viewing by the host committee depending on where the delegation is from.

Every delegate, alternate, party official and elected official will receive a ticket based on where they are from to a show on Broadway. So will it be the Edison delegation or the Silicon Valley delegation that will have the pleasure to view the Bollywood drama?

Only half of the shows that wanted to be on RNC's list were selected. Emanuel Azenberg, producer of one of the rejected shows, Movin' Out, a Tony Award-winner set to music by Billy Joel, complained it was passed over because it deals with the unpopular Vietnam War. Hmmm. I wonder if the host committee has seen BD--why would they allow a show that shows the Poor overcoming the Rich—very un-Republican!


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