Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A. Roy--A Superstar of the Left

Znet has an interesting interview, dated August 31, 2004, with Booker prize winning author turned-global activist, Arundhati Roy here. And then here is a link-filled article about her recent talks on the Left coast.

In person, Roy is soft-spoken and nothing like a rabble-rouser. She seems to save her sharpest words for the printed page. For her public speeches in the United States, Roy usually reads essays she has written. In fact, Roy says, her onstage comments are really written for herself. That many people (especially liberal thinkers) agree with her statements is but a kind of bonus.

"I think what probably drives me as a writer is a curiosity to understand and to keep understanding," Roy says. "When I write, I write for myself, not just in order to let people know, because the writing clarifies things to me."

Both make for interesting reads.


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