Friday, March 01, 2002

ARI FLEISCHER: How does the Foot Taste?

So Ari Fleischer finally gets told to shut up by the administration. In yesterdays briefing he, not in so many words blames fromer President Clinton for the mishandling of the middle-east peace process and the current violence that has continuously increased in the region since the fall of 2000. To his credit, I think this is one of the few major gaffe's to come out of the Press Secretary's mouth since he started. It has got to be difficult to be up at that podium day after day, being harrassed by the Press Corp and not go off at the cuff. At the same time, it is his job to remain calm.

Regardless, I like the power that Condeleezza Rice has and wields in the White House. She really put Fleishcer in check.

Here is a link to the story
"Bush Aide Regrets Remark"


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