Thursday, June 27, 2002

I Pledge Allegiance....

Do I like the ruling? Yes... of course I do. I think there is way too much reference to a GOD for a society that claims not to be secular, but to not allow religion and government to mix. Todays Washington Post Story on the ruling with regards to the pledge indicates that the 1954 Congressional insertion of the phrase "under God" into the pledge may violate the constitutional separation between church and state. Bush is quoted as saying, "There is a universal God, in my opinion. The Almighty is, obviously, an important part of my life, but a very important part of the life of our country. And that's why the ruling of the court was out of step with the traditions and history of America." Despite this view, the law suggests that there should be a separation of Church and State. I cannot wait to hear what the Christian Coalition and the Religious right have to say about this. I know that the most liberal of us reside on the Coasts and that the hearltand may be for a more religious country, but American democracy is supposed to be representative, and if there are those in this country who believe in something other than a GOD, or don't believe in God, then no more will they have to be isolated or be the minority. Typical with this administration, Bush said yesterday that the administration would challenge the ruling.

Here is a link to one of the first articles I wrote (April 2001) with regards to separation of church and state in America. "Frying Religion"


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