Friday, September 06, 2002

Racism in America and September 11

My most recent article has been posted on The Satya Circle. This article is based slightly on a posting I did a while back called Blowback and the War on Terror. My main point, or what I think I wanted to achieve was this: I think many immigrants, especially those of color, are just standing by and allowing discrimination veiled under the guise of September 11. I also wanted to highlight some of the injustices, or just crazy actions that officials have done, supposedly as a result of September 11. Obviously I don't think everyone in America is racist, or that all those in America that are actually racist, know they are, but I think this is an issue, a whole year after the fact, that still needs to be addressed. As always, comments are moer than welcome, either on this blog, or on the Satya Circle message boards.


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