Monday, November 11, 2002

Gates Does Good

Interesting news coming out of India today about Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates pledging 100 million dollars to fight HIV/AIDS in India. He had a pretty inciteful opinion piece published in the New York Times this past weekend, and there are a plethora of stories today both in the Indian and international press covering Gates' visit to India. More than anything I am glad someone with so much clout is recognizing the potential security threat both to India and its neighbors that a massive spread of HIV/AIDS can present to the world. Finally and most importantly Gates is my hero of the day because the issue of HIV/AIDS is not typical to India-Pakistan, Kashmir, or Nukes issues, but rather something that presents a real problem to the Average Indian. A problem that the Indian government does not seem to be acting on strongly enough. Thanks Bill and Melinda foundation!

Here are a few of the interesting Articles
Gates to Give $100M for India AIDS
As AIDS Spreads, India Struggles for a Workable Strategy
Gates Foundation to Give $100 Million to Fight AIDS in India

And in typical Indian fashion, typical to why there has been little improvement inside of India with slowing the HIV/AIDS spread, former Bollywood Actor and current Health Minister Shatrugan Sinha suggests that Gates, by drawing attention to HIV/AIDS in India is "spreading panic among the
general public." If anyone is outraged or would like to comment to Mr. Sinha he can be reached at (this was found on the Indian government's website).

And finally, here is a link to the Gates Foundations website and today's announcement.


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