Thursday, January 09, 2003

Race and America

While it remains unclear whether the average American grasped the magnamity of the Trent Lott incident of last December, it seems obvious that our government does not. It wasn't just that Senator Lott drudged up bad memories of American action in the past, it was representative of the state of race in this country. I don't think the average american understands the gravity of race relations in America. Moreover it seems the Republicans saw Trent Lott as an isolated incident, in that, once he was gone as leader of the senate, the issue of race and the republican party would disappear. The fact that this administration would reintroduce the nomination of the controversial Mississippian, Charles Pickering, the same Charles Pickering who is a protégé of Trent Lott who was rejected earlier largely because of his insensitive handling of civil rights cases. The New York Times, in this editorial, makes it clear that this administration does not recognize the systemic problem of race in America.

Incidentally, it seems as if the Senate, despite all the financial difficulty plaguing the Average American, is going to vote to support the continuatuon of a car and driver privelege for Trent Lott. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you call your senator and tell them to vote against this crazy notion.

"Sources also told Fox News that Senate Democratic leaders do not object to allowing Lott to keep his car and driver, and will not oppose it on the floor.
There is no known precedent for a Senate leader of either party who resigned his post in a similar manner retaining his taxpayer-subsidized car and driver."


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