Friday, January 17, 2003

The White House and UMICH

I love this headline from the Washington Post, Rice Helped Shape Bush Decision on AdmissionsThe implication that the headline gives to me is that the story will show how Bush's decision to go against race-conscious admissions policies at the University of Michigan as a result of Condoleezza Rice's (A Black Person). "Officials described Rice as one of the prime movers behind Bush's announcement on Wednesday that he would urge the Supreme Court to strike down Michigan's affirmative action program." And since Condoleezza Rice is Black, well then, we cannot be accused of being racist by following this line of policy.

However, the Post goes on to report that Rice, while Provost at Stanford (the first nonwhite provost) oversaw a large increase in black faculty members at Stanford. "Rice, the first female national security adviser, told Bush that she worked to increase the number of African American faculty members at Stanford but that she was "absolutely opposed to quotas," a senior administration official said. A Stanford official said that under Rice, who served from 1993 to 1999 and was the university's first nonwhite provost, the number of black faculty members increased from 36 to 44."

Also, race conscious decisionmaking is not the same thing as quotas! I don't understand why everyone wants to insinuate that there is a quota system


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