Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Truth Hurts, quite literally this time

Composer of the song Thoda Resham Lagta Hai, that made the top 10 in its reincarnated version by Dr. Dre/Truth Hurts, has won a court order barring sales of a hip-hop hit he claims borrowed heavily and without credit from one of his songs in an act of "cultural imperialism." A federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday issued an order prohibiting further sales of the song Addictive by Truth Hurts unless and until composer Bappi Lahiri is listed on the song's credits, Anthony Kornarens, an attorney for Lahiri said. "The judge took the matter quite seriously and felt as though, from what I could tell, the defendants had not acted appropriately," Kornarens said.
See the Reuters story here, the Times of India here, and the CNN Asia story here. All of the articles are based on the Reuters report, but it is interesting to see how the versions differ.


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