Friday, January 24, 2003


Here is an interesting thought about tax reduction/tax breaks etc. that are being considered now to help improve the economy. I am all for activist economic policies, and I see the benefit re economic theory and how tax breaks can improve the economy by reintroducing more dollars into the cycle. But, wasn't the original point of taxation to fund government programs that are for the public good, like the police or the army. Then why, at a time when the U.S. is going into budget deficits to fund homeland security and other defenses against terrorism is the Bush administration trying to cut taxes. It makes no sense other than perhaps to appease his many wealthy supporters.

You want to make the economy improve and improve American confidence in the economy (and in government in general), put Kenneth Lay in jail with the rest of the Enron crew. I find it so ironic that these big firms are being blamed for the downfall of the economy, yet their punishments seem to be lackluster.


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