Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Apparently, Indian-Americans Support the War

According to this article reprinted on the msnbc website "Indian-Americans are near unanimous in their view that it was time for Saddam Hussein to go." Ha, one must wonder what kind of sources this reporter used. Then, once you see, it is clear that the sources are all members of the Hi-Fi Indian business and political elite. Kanwal Rekhi, who at one instance suggested that there should be a cap on Indian immigration to the U.S. because the current type of immigrants who are coming now give the community a bad name. (An early article I wrote after hearing Rekhi's comments on immigration can be found here) Then there is the so-called "Leading Indian American Republican Dr. Sampat Shivangi" who says that “We have to support and respect President George W. Bush’s decision. He has done this thoughtfully, knowing what it takes to come to a decision. I think he has given enough time to Iraq. Bush has not received enough proof or response from Iraq. And, as per U.N Resolution 1441, we don’t have any choice but to give another ultimatum.”

I feel however, if the reporter in question perhaps survey another sample of the community, they could come up with an entirely opposite view and then the lead would be something like this "Indian-Americans much like the rest of the international community are divided in their support for Bush's War against Saddam and Iraq." This in my opinion is a closer version of reality.


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