Monday, June 02, 2003

Panjabi MC comes to Washington DC

I think this is great. I have been excited about this for some time. British Asian DJ Panjabi MC, who has hit it big with American audiences with his Mundian to Bach Ke, featuring Jay-Z is doing a tour of the US in support of his upcoming July 1 major label debut. His British album is a compilation of older works, so I am curious to see what his American release entitled, Beware looks like. It is quite interesting to witness his rise to fame, and especially with this tour. It seems the hip-hop community that has embraced him now are the ones that are really responsible for his becoming so popular. And if you see the acts PMC is touring with, it is an impressive lineup of hip-hop artists. Big-ups to PMC.

Just for the record because I have been hearing this way too much, the punjabi lyrics are sung by Labh Janjua, not Panjabi MC. PMC produced the track, he came up with the beatson Mundian to Bach Ke, and this track is almost five years old. Jay-Z just got on it recently. Anyway, for those of you in DC, PMC will be doing a live set with Bikram Singh at the VIP club this thursday on June 5. Come support the Desi.

Incidentally, here is a link to the Boston Summerjam show PMC recently did. There are pictures from the set, and also a link to a 45 second interview. If you listen to the interview, please do not be fooled by PMC's lack of eloqunece when being interviewed, he says all he needs to say when he is on the ones and twos. Panjabi MC is hands down one of the best DJ's I have ever seen perform live--he controls the crowd really well, and will make anyone and everyone want to dance whether he spins Bhangra, hip-hop, or his own creations. He really does tear it up. If you can, make sure to check one of his shows out, you won't regret it. And, if you look at the pictures, looks like Bikram and the dancers really kept it desi--Big Ups.


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