Sunday, October 05, 2003

Indian American Is Favored in La. Race (

The Post Takes Notice of Bobby Jindal

Today's Washington Post has a short/interesting piece entitled "Indian American Is Favored in La. Race" focusing on what seems to be a promising outcome for Jindal in an upcoming primary in Louisiana.

The piece is quite short, but I find it interesting that the article highlights Jindal's cozying up to Louisiana's conservatives, and his frequent mentioning of his conversion to Catholocism.

I am delighted that the Post highlighted Jindal's Indian-American stauts, but the implication of the article, at least in my opinion is this, that perhaps the color of Indian-American's can be overlooked in their assimilation in America. But it seems, that it is religion that continues to divide immigrants who have non-Judeo Christian backgrounds from becoming acceptable in mainstream America.


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