Friday, January 09, 2004

DJ Spooky...that sublimal kid

DJ Spooky...that sublimal kid

For all of you turntablist and Asian Massive fans check out DJ Spooky's most recent webmix. I am reprinting the tracklistings below. Spooky's scratching is incredible, and the song/spoken word selections are awesome--they include some nice old-skool bollywood riffs, Mutiny spoken word samples, and speeches--see minute 40, for an interesting Arundhati Roy speech placed over a nicely selected track. eeerie.

Abstrakt Blowback '03 Click here to listen.
The Satyagraha Mix
(combining the Hindu words for "truth" and "holding firmly")

o intro DJ Spooky "Subliminal Minded"
o BirdMan vs Dr. Millenium
o Navdeep "Flight to Amritsar" mixed w/ Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass "Sadhanipa"
o The French Connection "Bolly Wood Vibes: Indian Tools" mixed w/ Missy Elliott "Work it and Reverse It"
o Miri Ben-Ari 'da Hip-Hop Violinist "Put your Drinks Up"
o Dj Excel "The Magnificent" mixed with Jay Z "I Just wanna Luv U"
o collage "Clap Your Hands" mixed w/ Fathy Salama "Maqsoom" featuring Dj Mutamassik
o Lata Mangshkar "Tere Sang Pyar Main" mixed w/ Planet Asia "African Style" mixed w/ Gandhi "Truth"
o Bally Sagoo "Tum Bin Jiya" Dj Spooky's "Isomorphic Flux" remix
o Dj Siraki "Free Markets" mixed w/ Duke Ellington "Afro-Eurasian Eclipse"
o John Coltrane "OM"
o Heat Sensor "Tectonic" mixed w/ Prime Pandit Nehru's announcement of Gandhi's death, June 30,1948 "the light has gone out"
o Aki (Fundamental) "black muslims..." [spoken word clip from Mutiny]
o Asian Dub Foundation "Tu-Meri"
o Karsk Kale "One Step Beyond" Dj Spooky's "Datalife remix"Arundhati Roy "Come Septermber" mixed w/ Zeb "Bhangra Fever" and Vandanna "beginnings"
o Midval Pundits "Bhangra Fever"
o State of Bengal "Rama Communication"
o The English Beat "Mirror in the Bathroom"
o Yonderboi "Pabadam"
o Ritu "music and change" [spoken word clip from Mutiny]
o Vijay Iyer and Mike Ladd "Rentals"
o Rob Swift + Xecutioners "Cheers" (Charlie Parker Remix)
o Steve "Punk Philosophy: Pure Distortion" [clip from Mutiny]
o Dj Hive "Ultrasonic Sound"
o Dj Siraki "Azaadi"
o Tabla Beat Science "Magnetic"
o Alice Coltrane "Journey into Satchidananda" mixed w/ Gandhi "Truth pt 2"
o Vijay Iyer "Proximity (Crossroads)"
o Midval Pundits "Delhi Swings..."
o Dj Spooky featuring Karsh Kale "Roman Planetaire"


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