Thursday, October 28, 2004

Jay Sean: The Asian Prince of Pop?

Quick Update: Reuters is reporting that Jay Sean's single "Stolen," has entered the UK charts at number four. Big up.

The Telegraph (UK) has run a nice arts feature on Jay Sean, the next big British Asian pop star to make the rounds from the Rish Rich Project. The article, and perhaps it has merit, makes it appear that Jay Sean can be the first Asian to really break into the mainstream on a consistent level. Sure Panjabi MC had a hit, and Raghav was quite close to doing it, but Jay Sean's continuous success in the charts with the singles he has released thus far suggest that he could indeed be the first consistent Asian pop star. His most recent single, "Stolen" which released on the 25th (I had it wrong in my last Jay Sean post) is rumored to be hovering in the top 5 on the mainstream British charts.

From the article:"Jay Sean has become an idol for every Asian guy or girl who wants to do something in music," says Atik Rahman of the Club Asia radio station, which launched last year with a Sean live session. "I used to go to clubs, look around and think: there's 80 per cent Asians in here, dancing to R&B and hip-hop, and not one of us is actually doing it. The first person who does it is going to make an impact." With an excellent debut album, Me Against Myself, due next month, part of a reported £1 million deal, and a single set to crash the top five on Sunday, Sean is about to make Rahman's prediction come true. When I meet him some time after the Mela, he seems to have taken well to the demands of his new career.Sean's real name is Kamaljit, "but everyone calls me Nicky - it's a Punjabi thing, having thousands of names". He still lives at home with his family, although he is looking for his own place. "The family's behind me - if they weren't, I wouldn't feel happy doing this," he says.
A massive Big Up and congratulation from Desiblog to the Rishi Rich project and Jay Sean.

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