Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Jay Sean's Me Against Myself

The British Asian Pop sensation Jay Sean has been making waves in the UK in recent months, beginning a few months back with his hit collaboration Dance with You, and now with the release of his top 40 full length album, Me Against Myself, which debuted at 29 this week on the British Charts. Featuring the top ten charting hit singles, "Stolen" and "Eyes on You," Sean is tipped to be the British Asian to actually be the one that finally makes the crossover into the mainstream. Lets hope so.

The Telegraph (UK) too has praise for Sean, whose real name is Kamaljit,
[for many] the best tracks will be two hidden ones, from his earlier incarnation, including You Don't Know Me, about the difficulties of trying to make it as an Asian in the hip-hop arena. The title track sees Sean dissing himself for making music – presumably the poppy stuff – that "you pretend you are into". The intro skit has his producer-mentor Rishi Rich telling him, in a posh English accent, to cut out the conscious stuff, that UK hip-hop doesn't sell and he should write songs about girls. Clearly highly talented, and currently attracting the attention of demi-god producer Timbaland, it will be fascinating to see how Sean resolves his musical schizophrenia.
The Independent (UK) ran an interesting, yet cliched profile of Jay Sean, entitled :Betwen Two Cultures", about ten days ago. Click here to read it. Regardless I want to offer a DESIBLOG Big Up to Jay Sean!

Just an update: Apparently Jay Sean and Rishi Rich have been collaborating with Asian rapper and Ruff Ryders member Jin (of Learn Chinese fame) on a forthcoming track. Apparently Jin was in the UK in the beginning of November for a show, and prior to the concert, Jin and Jay Sean were penning some lyrics in Rishi Rich’s studio for a forthcoming Jay Sean track. The following day, Rishi and Jin knocked out another track .. rumored to be one of the 1st releases on Rishi Rich’s forthcoming album.



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