Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Power 99 Responds, Kind Of

I am not sure how acceptable of a solution this is, but because of the public outcry, emails, calls, and letters from all of you, not only has the hateful/racist/misogynist incident garnered some press attention from the likes of, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the New York Daily news among various others, finally the station, has issued a tiny, tiny apology here.

Yes, below the fold, so make sure to scroll down. The initial punishment, which was later upgraded to an alleged one-day suspension, didn't even include an apology, and found fault only with a hapless "station employee" for placing the clip on the power 99 website. That guy, the public was told, would go to sensitivity training.

Are they serious? Is that all threatening to choke the eff out of someone calls for? And isn't the real problem, that Star and BucWild, Power 99, and clear channel feel that this kind of behavior is ok, on shock radio, and does not demand, at a minimum, some kind of monetary punishment for the DJ's? What I would really like to see is a call from the duo apologizing for call and apologizing to Tina, the phone center operator. I doubt that will happen. But, lets keep on pushing this issue for now, and not let up. It was only because of you all that things happened and light was shed on this event in the first place. Keep the letters, emails and complaints coming!


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