Thursday, February 28, 2002

Here is a link to some more pictures from the Gujarat Samachar website

Here are some more scary tales in the aftermath in Gujarat from the BBC. Some rumors are spreading regarding complacency by Indian officials in trying to quell this communal violence. The BBC also has some pictures of the looting and burning. What is it about religion that makes people want to fight, kill, and in this case just become savage-like?

"Communal Riots Rock Western India"

Well, the situation in Gujarat seemingly has worsened. It seems as if Hindu's are now singling out Muslim homes in reprisal for the burning of train compartments carrying Hindu activists returning from Ayodhya. The Indian government must make sure to keep this in check as this violence has the potential of acting as a truly destabilizing force in India. If the Hindu's start becoming overwhelmingly communal then first it will be the Muslims that feel even more separated from the majority of Indians. The Christians, Jains, Jews, Tribals, and Buddhists could be next. That is scary and sad because India is not just for Hindu's--it was founded on secular principles and must, i repreat MUST, stay that way. Below is a link to a New York Times story on todays events in Ahmedabad, the chief commercial city of Gujarat (but not its capital-the capital is Gandhinagar).

Crowds Rampage in Indian City After Train Attack

U.S. Conference to Plan the Overthrow...

Here is an interesting article from the Washington Times ( I Know, the Times?) regarding the gathering of many former Iraqi officials--essentially to plan the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

"U.S. Conference to Form Plan to Oust Saddam from Power "

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

It is Spelled GANDHI
Finally, a link to reinforce the fact that Mahatma was not his real name and that the last name is not spelled Ghandi, but rather GANDHI. Thanks to my homie and colleague Mike Evans for forwarding me the URL.
Gandhi vs. Ghandhi


Some alarming news today from Godhara in Gujarat, India. Apparently some Muslim activists torched a train in which some Kar Sevaks were travelling back from Ayodhya in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. Many of the Kar Sevaks are members or followers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) otherwise known as the World Hindu Council. This group is essentially the reincarnation of ther very fundamentalist RSS party, only in America, and they are trying to capitalize on communal feelings of Hindu's outside of India. I would not hesitate to call them the Hindu Taliban. In 1992 these Kar Sevaks were responsible for tearing down a 16th century mosque built where they say Muslim invaders tore down a Hindu temple to build the Mosque. Following the 1992 action communal rioting began. It seems as if this may spiral into some more communal violence. Here are some interesting stories about the VHP and the Ayodhya issue.

"Maintain peace in Ayodhya"
"VHP Threatens Defiance, PM Starts Dialogue"
'Hindu swabhimaan is at stake"