Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Free Ansar Mahmood

I must echo the sentiments of todays Washington Post editorial suggesting that Ansar Mahmood, a LEGAL Pakistani immigrant to the United States, must not be repatriated back to Pakistan. He worked hard in the U.S., like many immigrants from South Asia to provide for his two sisters schooling, and his ailing fathers medical needs. Now, under the new strict U.S. polciy, Mr. Mahmood is scheduled to be sent back, not because he had overstayed his visa or because he knew some of the alleged terrorists. Rather he is being sent back for harboring illegal immigrants because he helped a couple, friends of his sister, find an apartment. The couple was here illegally, and he is now guilty by association.

This kind of action is symbolic, i think of the Bush administration's attitude towards the progression we have made democratically as a state. It seems the current administration is using the guise of September 11 to promote their right wing agenda that gets hidden under Bush's seemingly "idiot" and "country" outward appearance. The administration must re-think some of these policies and should allow Ansar Mahmood the ability, to have an ability. Free Ansar Mahmood.


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