Friday, March 08, 2002

McDonalds and Beef Fries

A recent story from indicates that McDonalds is close to settling a law suit by admitting some fault in not letting customers know that there were elements of beef in their french fries.

"The settlement offer calls for McDonald's to pay $10
million to charities that support vegetarian causes,
issue a public apology and form an advisory board that
conveys issues related to vegetarianism to the

I think this is an important step for these corporate giants to finally recognize that they cannot lie to their customers without repurcussions. While they shifted in 1990 to vegetable oil, their fries were still not vegetarian. According to the rediff story under the new settlement, 12 plaintiffs from Illinois,
Texas, New Jersey, California and Washington will receive $4,000 each. The $10 million will be distributed among vegetarian organisations, Hindu or Sikh groups, children's hunger relief and an organisation that supports kosher diets. The apology is as follows:

"We regret that we did not provide these customers
with complete information, and we sincerely apologize
for any hardship that these miscommunications have
caused among Hindus, vegetarians and others," the
company said. "We should have done a better job in
these areas, and we're committed to doing a better job
in the future."


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