Monday, July 01, 2002


It has been awhile since I have blogged. The reason: moving. I really frown on myself getting too personal on the site, but I must say, I really hate moving. I hate that DC rents are ridiculously expensive, and I hate that I did not purchase an apartment 3 years ago, when they were affordable. Even more frustrating is that even crappy, dirty, filthy, tiny apartments go for exaggerated unaffordable prices. The smelliest, smallest dwelling, with no appealing qualities whatsoever, well, actually I might be able to afford that, but who wants to live like that. For now, I am crashing wiht homies, I have a feeling that an apartment that I have been waiting for will appear, right in Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan for a very reasonable price. yeah, right.

On another personal note, one of my best friends for the past six years just left DC (this is why I have to move) and this also has conrtibuted to my lack of contributions to this weblog. He is going to be starting a masters at LSE in the fall, and gets to just relax for the next couple of months; this includes trips to San Francisco, and to what Kajol in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham refers to as "Sare jahan se accha Hindustan Hamara, Kabhi mut Bhulna Ha!" aka India. (My friends and I have been watching this movie incessantly, and despite the over-done amounts of crying I love the movie). It is weird when really close friends leave town, this one even more so. Anyway, things will be cool, while I hate change, it is a good thing for personal development, i guess. Anyway posting should resume its normal rate at almost 2 day intervals. and again, sorry for the personal postings.


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