Monday, September 23, 2002

September 11th Compensation
It has been too long since I have last blogged, but I have been extremely busy with school and other article writing. But, over the past weeks, I have been itching to express myself. So, despite not having too much time right now, I just want to pose this question. The anniversary of September 11, has just passed, and there has been some discussion of funds that were raised for the victims and the victim's families. Well, I was alerted to this article from the Satya Circle website, and when I read it, I was kind of saddenned. Entitled, Victims of Hate, Now Feeling Forgotten it is an article discussing the issue of 9/11 hate crime victim's families, and how they are coping with their September 11th loss. I wonder if these families too should be offerred some monetary support/compensation for their losses as well.

Robert E. Pierre writes,

"His motive for the crime -- less than a month after the terrorist attacks -- wasn't robbery, but retribution. Stroman said he wanted "to retaliate on local Arab Americans, or whatever you want to call them."
Patel, 49, was an immigrant from India. His murder was one of more than 80 hate crimes -- against Arabs, Muslims and others whose appearance made them targets after the terrorist attacks -- that authorities have prosecuted in the past year.
"If it wasn't for September 11, my husband would still be here," Alka Patel said from behind her counter. "Why shouldn't our families be treated the same? I feel like we all have the same story."

I am curious to see if any fund was set up for these victims?


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