Monday, March 24, 2003

War in Iraq

I wanted to stay away from the war in Iraq for some time just because all this craziness is unsettling, but it is hard. I think this phenomenon of watching the war is both good and bad. In one way, having immediate coverage of what is going on and almost a certain play-by-play coverage that is being done by the networks almost trivializes some very weighty happenings to a reality show. This reality show has some very very serious and real ramifications, so in that sense I am not feeling all this war coverage. At the same time, I think it is helpful, especially for those that are pro-War to see how dangerous and how real what the U.S. is doing to Iraq and the Iraqi people, and what they are doing to the Americans. Many of us living in the United States were given the impression that this was going to be a short and fast conflict, with a low American casualty rate. With yesterday and todays news of downed helicopters and the POW's, it is clear that this is going to be difficult. My prayers are with the families of all those that are abroad right now serving America. With that being said, I am going to try and shy away from too many "War in Iraq"postings. There are a lot of places in the blogosphere that one can venture if they want to to find out more on the crisis in the Middle East.


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