Friday, June 06, 2003

Wow. All I can say is wow. Me and a few of my mates saw PMC spin yesterday, and he was amazing. Totally controlled the crowd, his MC was on point, and PMC mixed up the music quite well. He played everything from Bhangra and Hindi remixes to his own remixes and original tracks. I can't think of a highlight, although he did play that new track Jogi with someone rapping over it which was pretty interesting. I can't wait to get that single. This was the second time we have heard him DJ, the first being two years ago at the old post office pavilion for Bhangra Blowout in front of almost 4000 people, and naturally I think that was a better show. Not only was it a lot longer, there were a lot more people there, and it was a more full on bhangra and hip-oriented set. He was able to control the crowd then, and he did it again yesterday. Big-UPs to PMC and best of luck on the rest of the tour.


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