Friday, August 01, 2003

Raje Shwari

If you ever wondered whose voice that was singing the Hindi lyrics in that Jay-Z song, or from Slum Village's Disco Remix, or from that Nas' Angels song that is on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, the artist's name is Raje Shwari (I am assuming they made her first name, Rajeshwari into two in order to faciliate its acceptance into the mainstream). Anyway, she is going to be coming out with a single shortly called Indian Style which is produced by Timbaland, and the tune of the song is a mix of Dhola ve Dhola, and the Bollywood song, Number 1 Punjabi. Anyway, I wanted to "Big-Up" for getting the South Asian sound out there, and representing. If you want to check out her website and find out more about this talented artist, click here.


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