Monday, November 03, 2003

Jhatka Jivers

First Bhangra, Now Bollywood?

According to this story from the Indian Express Bollywood ishtyle dancing is becoming Britain's latest Indian fad.

"They warm-up with K3G’s Suraj Hua Madhham playing in the background. And the ladies start to really roll as Kaanta Laga, Mere Naseeb and other raunchy Hindi remixes fill up the hall. What’s new here is that the grooving women are all British! Which, in fact, is no longer a surprising sight in London, where Bollywood dancing has become the latest craze after the movies. The recent influx of Bollywood and Asian music in the UK have Britishers so hooked that a rising number of them are thronging to Bollywood dance classes that are mushrooming in London. At £4 an hour, a wide cross-section of Britishers and Indians attend weekly classes held in Indian-dominated areas such as Southhall, Harrow, Redbridge, Ruislip and Hounslow. ‘‘It’s trendy, it’s cool and the bottomline is—all that’s Indian is in!’’ quips 40-year-old Gujarat-born dance instructor Jayesh Kumar Solanki aka Jay Kumar, who adds, ‘‘Madonna immortalised the bindi and henna. The British media too has been in on the Indian theme. The music then came along quite naturally.’’

‘‘I love the colours. I love the music,’’ says 45-year-old teacher Elane Honey, who’s been taking dance lessons for five weeks now. ‘‘The dances in Monsoon Wedding captivated me."

‘‘How do those Bollywood stars do it?! While I can’t do it, it’s fun trying,’’ Jennifer Woods says with a wink.

Says Jay Kumar, ‘‘After all, when people hear Panjabi MC in nightclubs, they want to know some steps they can dance to.’’

Incidentally, Panjabi MC has been nominated for a European Music Award, (MTV Europe's version of the VMA's) in the Best Dance category. If his Mundian to Bach Ke had enough power to make it to the top 5 on the British charts almost five years after being released, I think he has the award in the bag.


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