Monday, October 27, 2003

Jazzy B: Riffs From the Punjab

Bhangra...Its not just Panjabi MC anymore

I know, I know, bhangra was never just Panjabi MC, but to mainstream America, for them, PMC and Beware of the Boys was the main Bhangra point of reference. Anyway, the
The New York Times in an article about Bhangra Superstar Jazzy B, have begun to spread the word, that Panjabi MC is not the end all, be all of Bhangra. This is good as I think it shores up momentum in fighting the one-hit wonder status that is going to plague Bhangra tracks in the mainstream if something other than Beware of the Boys is not successful on a mainstream level.

Of course I am not suggesting that the next crossover is Jazzy B, but, that the New York Times is recognizing other Bhangra singers, that is a step in the right direction for South Asian influences in the American mainstream and popular culture.


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