Sunday, November 02, 2003

New York Daily News - City News - Marathon a run for ages

92 Year Old British Sikh to Run New York City Marathon

Amazing. All I can say is amazing. This story from the New York Daily News was passed along through the SAJA listserv and describes the story of Mr. Fauja Singh, a 92 year old British Sik, who is running his sixth marathon.

"The slender nonagenarian will make his New York City Marathon debut today, running - yes, running - alongside tens of thousands for 26.2 miles on what is expected to be an unusually warm fall day.

"Other people my age are hobbling around with sticks," Singh said yesterday. "I am blessed with the ability to do this."

"I actually owe it to the grace of God to allow me to do such things," Singh said.

Wearing a yellow turban and with a Union Jack flag as a cape, the bearded British Sikh said he is using the marathon to promote understanding of Sikh culture. Best of luck Mr. Singh!


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