Sunday, October 19, 2003

'Ash is Queen of Bollywood' - The Times of India

Ash is Queen of Bollywood

According to this story in The Times of India, Time Magazine Asia has placed Ash on the cover of its upcoming issue to celebrate Indian cinema's arrival on the world stage. The cover story focuses on the changing face of Bollywood and has projected Aishwarya Rai as "queen" and highlighted crossover movies, films with bold themes and increasing Western interest in it. The weekly in its latest issue focuses on the young generation of Bollywood stars, describing Aamir Khan as "India's most respected and versatile young actor" and praising Director Ram Gopal Varma for "ditching song-and-dance fantasies for urban grittiness." Heaping lavish praise on Rai, the magazine describes her as "India's standard bearer" and says, "she may position herself as New Bollywood in terms of roles, but in person, Rai embodies the Indian middle class -- and very old Bollywood -- ideal: a modern girl with traditional values. Yes, they do exist.

I could not find the cover of the article online, but I did find this image of Ash from her new film entiteld Choker Bali, on the Time Asia website.

I am placing a copy of the Time cover below and here is a link to the Time story on Bollywood.


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