Sunday, December 07, 2003


I spent the latter part of last week in New York, thus the slow blogging, and got a chance to check out the the new-ish weekly party sponsored by, and Global Beat Fusion. Labelled Kollective, and headlined by New York's Karsh Kale, the night offers one of the few experiences on the East Coast to hear some really fantastic Asian influenced drum and bass, with up-and-coming (and already established) guest DJ's. This DK (half of omzone duo) was on the guest spot last week, and I think DJ Rekha of Basement Bhangra fame, will be guesting the week after next. If you are into Drum and Base, especially that with a South Asian feel, Kollective is a must on Wednesday nights!

On Thursday we actually checked out Basement Bhangra, the most talked about regular Bhangra club-night on this side of the Atlantic, and probaly on the other as well. The music was good, the venue was cool, and I even got a free Zippo, although I really have no use for it. The only criticism I have, outside of the guy-to girl ratio at Basement Bhangra was the non-playing of UK-Garage influenced Bhangra. Overall, a good night though.

And then it snowed. It snowed a lot. So much snow that if the same amount fell in D.C., it would have crippled the city. And thankfully, despite having to walk from West Broadway to East Broadway on Saturday afternoon to catch the Chinatown bus, I am back safe and sound sitting in my new Lazy Boy chair, in Washington D.C.


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