Monday, November 17, 2003

New CD's: Oops! It’s Album Time Again, Britney

Praise for Rishi Rich in the NY Times

In this review of Britney Spears' In The Zone, which releases tomorrow, the New York Times has this to say of Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Mix:

"Throughout the disc, Ms. Spears sounds more dazed than zoned, as if making it clear that she's a less-than-willing participant. Her befuddlement becomes obvious within the first few seconds, when she whispers: "It's just me against the music. It's just me." Madonna pipes up to correct her, "And me." Ms. Spears responds, sounding a bit distracted, "Yeah."

This exchange introduces "Me Against the Music," Ms. Spears's duet with Madonna. It's an odd, overstuffed track, not so much a song as a series of party chants, and in his excellent "Desi Kulcha Remix," Rishi Rich eliminates the melody entirely, adding a clattering backbeat and what the liner notes describe as "Punjabi shouts." It's so frenetic you barely notice Ms. Spears and Madonna — it's odd to hear two such ubiquitous figures sounding so anonymous.

I'm not sure I know what "Punjabi Shouts are," but nonetheless, I am glad Rich's remix is getting some recognition. Also, I don't know if anyone caught the American Music Awards yesterday, but I think Britney performed the Desi Kulcha version of "Me Against the Music," on the show.


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