Friday, January 30, 2004

Gandhi Is Killed By A Hindu; India Shaken, World Mourns; 15 Die In Rioting In Bombay Three Shots Fired

The Times Remembers Gandhi

At a time when we as an international community should be remembering the teachings of the great Mohandas Gandhi, The New York Times has made available on its website its reporting from January 30, 1948 (56 years ago today) on the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi. Click here to go the piece.

Additionally, The National Security Archive has added a document to its Seventh Volume of The September 11 Sourcebooks--The Taliban File. Click here to go to the Press Release. The document is entitled "U.S. Engagement with the Taliban on Usama Bin Laden, and is dated circa July 16, 2001. It is pretty interesting reading if I do say so myself.


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