Friday, January 16, 2004

Ooh Wee! Mark Ronson & Rishi Rich join Kiss 100

Rishi Rich to Join Kiss 100

London-based station Kiss 100 has signed up two new DJs as part of a shakeup of its weekend schedule which will inclulde UK born New York genre-hopping DJ Mark Ronson, and British Asian producer Rishi Rich. According to this article in The Rishi Rich Project will be hosting an "East Meets West" show which will highlight sounds from around the world on starting at Midnight on Fridays.

"Rishi Rich (see my interview with him) has been one of the most in demand music producers of 2003, producing Indian-influenced remixes for the likes of Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Craig David and Ricky Martin. Rishi's single on Virgin Records, ‘Dance With You," which featured Punjabi vocalist Juggy D and singer/rapper Jay Sean reached number 12 in the UK charts this past September. The two join him on the new Friday night show, along with other members of Rishi’s Doh Point Nau’ (meaning 2 point 9) crew – a wider collective of singers, MCs, musicians, songwriters and DJs.

From the article"
"Their ‘urban-desi’ sound represents a fusion of ‘East meets West’ combining the inspiration of heavy basslines from hip-hop, R&B and dancehall reggae with hard-hitting drum-beats from not only bhangra, but also music from other ethnic influences from all over the globe. While the Rishi Rich Project received backing from a number of Kiss 100 DJs for their debut release, getting their own show is recognition of the mainstream success of the Asian crossover scene – as well as of Rishi’s position at the vanguard of breaking new talent in the genre.

“This show is another leap forward for the growing British ‘Urban-Desi’ street music scene. It reflects the breadth of music playing in both Asian and mainstream clubs across the UK, mixing up our unique sound with R&B, hip-hop, dancehall and all manner of street genres. We’ll be bringing in live instruments and drum machines, producer battles and live guests as we continue to experiment and break new talent. Kiss is now where East meets West,” said Rishi.


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