Wednesday, January 21, 2004

More Mainstreaming of Desi Sounds

More Desi Sounds Going Mainstream

Just like January of 2003 was hot in the UK for Desi sounds (Panjabi MC), so is January 2004. This time though, it is Canadian Desis blowing up.

The Canadian-based desi singer Raghav (featured on a 2 play track) has broken the top ten this week in the UK with his hit song "So confused." The dancehall/r and b tune entered the charts at number 8.

Additionally, Nelly Furtado, on December 8, (ok so last year) released her first single Powerless from her new album Folklore. The record (Universal) includes four versions of the tune, including a remix by Canadian duo Josh. The tune is one of my favorites right now (in full rotation on my minidisc player) and is nice, especially becuse it isn't really a remix, but actually features the song stylings and instrumentation of the members of Josh. This is a hot tune, so you should definitely check it out.

And just a random note. I was watching the season premiere of Newlyweds on MTV, and I know it isn't all that new to hear desi tunes used as background music on MTV shows (usually something by PMC or Rishi Rich's Remix of Britney Spears), but they had a harder-sound bhangra remix of Get Ur Freak On and Bubba Sparx's Ugly, with full on "hoi-hoi" shouts. It was cool, and I was bouncing, but I have no idea who did the mix.


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