Monday, February 09, 2004

Desi Beats

Check This Out

A couple of must-listen-to's floating around on the web right now. First, check out the most recent feature on Dimsummer interviews Radio One's Bobby Friction and Nihal, hosts of the Bobby Friction and Nihal show, which airs late-night on Fridays on BBC 1.

Second, when you have some time at work, or while you are doing work, or have any spare time, listen to this fantastic radiointernetary ( radio+ internet + documentary) on BBC's 1 Xtra entitled Desi Thugs, discussing rapping, hip-hop, thugs and British Asian culture. Hosted by Nihal (mentioned above), the radiointernetary is a quite relevant topic for desis on both sides of the Atlantic, because the thugging out of of desi culture is a phenomenon that occurs both here in America and in the UK.

Please, listen first before thinking that this is just another thing on Diaspora desis being confused.


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