Sunday, February 15, 2004 - Top Stories - Scholarship Created for Whites Only

Scholarship Created For Whites Only

No. I am not kidding. Read the full story here.

Students from the College Republicans at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, in an attempt to protest affirmitive action, will offer a 250 dollar award requires an essay on "why you are proud of your white heritage," and a recent picture to confirm whiteness."

It's not the first brush with controversy for the group. The school temporarily froze the Republicans' money in the fall during a fight over a series of articles published in its monthly newsletter. One article alleged that a gay-rights group indoctrinates students into homosexual sex.

I can understand some student's frustration with the affirmitive action system. But, as a student, who is a minority, and who paid full tuition, I will never complain about a system that attempts to offer opportunities to people who would otherwise not have that opportunity, even if the system allows wealthy minorities to fall through the cracks. The point is simple, for too long, minorities were not offerred the same opportunities as white people. Thus, certain segments of the population were entered into this neverending cycle of remaining under, or poorly educated, and thus being led into a cycle of poverty. This is one of the only ways out.

My posting a week or so ago on the shooting at Ballou high school is a perfect example of this. If you cannot get a decent education, an education without constant fear of violence, how can you be expected to perform at the same level as someone who can focus on academics?


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