Monday, March 29, 2004

Fauja Singh in deal with Adidas

92 Year Old Marathon Runner to feature in Adidas Commercial

According to this story from, 92 year old British Asian Marathon runner Fauja Singh has signed a deal with Adidas to be a part of a media campaign that also features David Beckham and boxer Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali.

Fauja's face will adorn billboards in cities across the United Kingdom as part of a campaign called 'Impossible is Nothing'.

Four years ago, after a 53-year break from running, 89 year old Fauja lined up for his first Flora London Marathon. He took six hours and 54 minutes to reach the finish, and the following year ran the same time to set a world record for 90-year-olds. Last year, aged 92, he ran almost an hour quicker than he did on his debut at the 26.2 mile distance, finishing the Toronto marathon in 5 hrs 40 min, the fastest time yet recorded by someone of his age, and defeating the conventional wisdom about age being a barrier in sport. I don't think I could even finish a marathon, and I am only 25.


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