Friday, September 10, 2004

Bhangra: Taking over mainstream aerobics?

BBC news reports on the growing Bhangra-cize phenomenon in the United States. From what has entered the popular music fray, Bhangra is now entering the mainstream excercise industry.

The traditional Punjabi folk dance is fast emerging as a popular alternative to regular aerobics among Americans and winning rave reviews from fitness experts.

"Bhangra aerobics provide a change from the routine that was created 30 years ago," says Dr Meg Jordan, a medical anthropologist, author and international health journalist. "Aerobics moves have hardly changed over the years and are notoriously boring. But this new fad is vivacious, dynamic and provides a break."

Aerobics bhangra was introduced to the US by fitness instructor Sarina Jain, who created the routine four years ago. She found the health market had all sorts of dance aerobic videos - from Latin to belly dancing. And now others are entering the fray. Veera Mahajan, from Massachusetts, has made an exercise DVD, which is available in all the leading stores. She got her inspiration from the dance parties her family hosted.


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